Nano Center Indonesia (registered in Ministry of Law and Human Rights AHU–734.AH.01.04 2013) is a center for research, education and technology transfer in the field of science and technology in general and specifically nanotechnology. Established by Indonesians experts of nanotechnology and eminent young people to bring forward science and socializing nanotechnology in Indonesia.

“There is plenty of rooms at the bottom”

Dr. Richard Feynman

(Father of Nanotechnology)

Nanotechnology is believed to bring a new revolution in 21st century. Coined by a famous lecture by Richard Feynman: “There is plenty of rooms at the bottom.” Currently, there are millions of nano products in the market: carbon nano tube, nano silver, nano titania & many more. Embrace yourself, nano wave is disrupting our world!


Incubate and establish nanotechnology companies to solve real problems in society

Educate students and general people towards “Nanotechnology wave”

Conduct applied research in materials and nanotechnology